Don't Panic

You know that phone call that starts with "I need to tell you something but DON'T  PANIC!" and then the person on the other end tells you something that freaks you out for a second but then they explain why it's actually okay?  This email is going to follow that format.
Okay, don't panic. We are closing the Short North Cub Shrub. DON'T PANIC! Cub Shrub as a brand and as a store and as a community of people who care deeply for the little ones in their lives is not going anywhere. We feel operating two stores within such close proximity of each other (they are less than 3 miles apart) has used a lot of resources that could be so much better spent.  
I believe we have the roots for something amazing and everyone on our team is ready to buckle down and do what they do best to make Cub Shrub all that it can be. We will be working hard to create an even better store that brings together its community (for classes, for hang outs, for creating, for philanthropy).  A store that has an online experience that mimics the feel of spending a sunny afternoon in the shop with recommendations and inspiration.  A store that offers the best goods from all over the world- items you've been dying to see in person and others you didn't know existed but are now your favorite things! 
We so appreciate all the support that our Short North store has received over the past three years. Growing our little shop just a few doors down from Tigertree was such a great experience. Without the embrace of the neighborhood and our entire original team (aka Jen) this idea would not have been able to develop and flourish. Short North folks- if you have never been to our Grandview store we will look forward to seeing you there. Its less than 3 miles away and has a free parking lot!  
I am really, genuinely so excited for the direction we are heading in now.  We look forward to being able to actually see more of you guys since we won't be splitting our time between the stores.  We hope you are excited too but please feel free to reach me here (or message us on Instagram) with any questions!. 
(and Josh and Emma too)
Important Details - While we don't have a firm closing date set, the Short North location will remain open through at least the end of the January.  Hours at that location are Tuesday- Sunday 11-6, closed Monday.  The Grandview location hours are Monday 10-5, Tuesday- Saturday 10-6, Sunday 11-6.

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