Gift Wrapping

Gift Wrapping

Cub Shrub

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We wrap a lot of gifts in our stores so we're super good at it. We would love to wrap your gift for you to offer a little extra surprise and delight when the package arrives on their doorstep. We always have a high quality, seasonally appropriate, gender neutral wrapping paper, make sure to remove the prices and wrap with the utmost care.

Apparel items are typically flat wrapped with up to three garments, unless otherwise specified (like if you're sending gifts to more than one kid in a household), and other items are wrapped individually or together at our discretion, depending on sizes and shapes of things.

If you would like to add a greeting card and have us fill that out for you we are happy to as well, just pick one out, add to your cart and let us know in the order notes that you want it filled out. We're also happy to add it to a tag or note card if it's short.