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Mini Rodini SS18 (Drop 1)

The first part of Mini Rodini's Spring/Summer collection "The Earth is our Mother, we must take care of her" launched on February 1st and it is their most sustainable collection to date. 100% of the products in the collection are made with sustainable materials such as organic recycled polyester and polyamide. 

The swimwear collection was made using old fishnet and waste that was otherwise polluting the ocean. Trash from lPET bottles were recycled and used to create jackets that would make Mother Earth proud and also keep her children warm. The cotton used was grown without cancerogenic pesticides and harmful chemicals. Energy was borrowed from the wind and sun to sew what turned out to be a killer collection without killing the inspiration for which it was made.

The collection also features items that are a part of Mini Rodini's living wage project. This project ensures that the workers producing the items are being paid more than minimum wage so that can maintain a normal standard of living.

Mini Rodini was born and raised with the vision to make clothes that children love to wear, without compromising social and environmental aspects of the production. This is the core of the Mini Rodini brand, and it affects every move they make.

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