Top 3 Reasons to Practice Yoga With Your Baby


  1. Nourish the bond with baby. Of course you’re constantly caring for your new little one but practicing yoga together is something new and refreshing. It’s a time to really focus on one another with lots of eye contact, touch and cuddles. Working closely through yoga creates a new bond as you navigate the practice together.
  2. Nourish baby. As mentioned above, the practice of postnatal yoga exposes baby to lots of eye contact and touch. Increased stimulation equals increased brain activity and development. You’ll become increasingly in tune with baby’s cues for likes and dislikes as their personalities develop right before your eyes. They’ll develop their own physical skills as well, moving arms, legs and hips through poses and working on core strength and head holding.
  3. Nourish yourself. Carrying and delivering that babe is hard work and changes you in ways you never anticipated. It’s so important to move back into your practice (or starting one) with safe and deliberate movement, specifically designed to re-build and support the now extra- vulnerable spaces in our bodies. Practicing postnatal yoga in a public setting can help mamas get a much-needed dose of socialization and camaraderie. It’s a time for you to feel and see that there’s a whole tribe around you, going through much of the same experiences. Making new friends or simply being around others after days at home alone with your perfect bundle can feel, well, nourishing!  

So, in a word, mommy and baby yoga is intended to be nourishing. My classes are always designed to be experienced without any pressure, moving in ways that feel good right there in that moment. It’s so important to get clearance from your doctor before beginning and don’t forget to have love, patience and grace with yourself as you navigate this incredible part of your life’s journey. Namaste.

- Courtney Mickley Hamm, CYI

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