Wooden Cars, Based On Classics. Don't Be Surprised If You Get Hooked Too!

Chances are pretty good that if you're reading this, you already know that we just got our newest toy line, Candylab, in store. We are really stoked on this cool new line of vehicle toys, and we wanted to take a few minutes to give you a better scoop on this super rad new line.

Vlad Dragusin, a Romanian-born, Brooklyn-based architect and designer, runs his design firm, Designyard, out of New York and Bucharest. He has practiced architecture in New York City, as well as in Europe, and is regarded highly on both sides of the ocean. His foray into children's toy design came naturally, being a father himself, and having a long-standing love of American cars designs. In a world that feels increasingly plastic and throw-away, his vision was to create heirloom-worthy wood toys made to last through multiple children's imaginary worlds. 

Together with his design team, the goal was to create well-made, solid wood toys, with a design inspired by sleek midcentury minimalism, but unmistakably modern in feel and concept. Each vehicle is created from solid wood, painted with water-based paint, and has real rubber tires. The designs were given a thorough vetting by both local playground meetups and by their Kickstarter campaign. The campaign supporters not only gave financial backing and crucial design feedback, they proved that there was indeed a hunger for the vision for future of children's toys that Vlad and his design team shared.

Here at CubShrub, we could not agree more! We feel that the Candylab team has not only achieved their design goals (we all want them for ourselves!), we feel that they have created toys that will fire up the world of imagination for the children who play with their goods. Which serves as a reminder to us as parents that the scuffs and dings these beautiful toys will endure are badges of honor. The more these toys are played with - really, truly played with - the more we all feel that they have fulfilled their true purpose. 

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